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  1. Does anyone know of a reliable babysitter with transport, (mainly for evenings)? We are close to Kingscote – in nearby Lasborough. Thank you.

  2. Hi Sian

    Thanks for contacting us – sad you’ve got no-one in Lasborough! Try Charlotte Dalziel (Boxwood Close, Kingscote) 07946 779413. Charlotte’s in the 6th Form at Ribston in Gloucester. You could also try Ollie Ursell in Leighterton 01666 890215 – Ollie is 6th form age and is at Marling – also has a brother, Dan, but he’s boarding so prob not much use. I might find out about a few others in Leighterton (easier to get to you really) when I take Sacha to school on Monday. Alice


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