Fireworks at Kingscote Barn – 19 June


This is just a quick email to let you know that there will be a PRIVATE fireworks display taking place at The Kingscote Barn on Saturday 19th June 2021 at 9.45pm for approximately 10 mins. This will be run by Coates Fireworks.

Best Wishes,



Laura Richards

Assistant Wedding & Events Manager

Kingscote Barn, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8YE

01453 861161

Temporary road closure 21 June – 12 July

In addition to the road closure 14-25 June, BT have permission for a further closure from 21 June-12 July (reference 401496 from The Retreat to The Grange i.e. from the phone box to the Hunter’s Hall).

If you have any queries about the upcoming road closures, contact Amelia who coordinates the work for Citiutilities on 01452 728640. 


Fireworks at Kingscote Barn – 31 May

This is just a quick email to let you know that there will be a PRIVATE fireworks display taking place at The Kingscote Barn on Monday 31st May at 9.50pm for approximately 10 mins. This will be run by Coates Fireworks. 

Many Thanks,

Best Wishes, 
Lottie Ramplin
Senior Wedding and Event Coordinator 

Kingscote Barn, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8YE01453 861161

Kingscote Christmas Cracker – Volunteers

A ‘Kingscote Christmas Cracker’ Event in aid of the Village Hall and Church will be held here in Kingscote over two days in late October/early November.

The event will be held in the garden of the Hunter’s Hall and will include artisan stallholders, food and drink, music, and lots more for all ages.

Soffi Bond is looking for willing volunteers to be part of a committee to make this a really successful event and raise valuable funds for our community. If you’re interested in helping with any aspect of the event, please contact Soffi Bond here.


Christmas crackers on a red background

Missing chairs

Jemma Jewkes’ husband was collecting some furniture from my sister (Libby Hampshire) this weekend. The van and trailer were parked outside the church at lunchtime whilst they went for a walk. Somebody has taken a wooden outdoor chair which is part of a set of 4 and a rattan chair, again part of a set.

If anyone has taken them thinking they were for the tip please return them to Libby or Andy at 35 Kingscote or alternatively to let them if they saw anything (email Libby here).

Thank you very much.

Jemma Jewkes

Tomato plants

Tony Wooldridge has grown tomato plants this year and there are plenty for others to have some for free.The plants are suitable for growing in a greenhouse, or outdoors once the frosts are over.If you’d like some, please contact him on 860697. 

Census – it’s not too late

Nine out of ten households have completed

There has been a fantastic response to Census 2021 – nine out of ten households across England and Wales have completed their questionnaire. But every household is required by law to complete the census and though Census Day (21 March 2021) has been and gone, it is not too late to fill out your form and avoid a fine.

Most people have already completed their census online to make sure public services like GP surgeries, hospital beds, school places and public transport, are based on the most up to date information.

Iain Bell, the deputy national statistician at the Office for National Statistics in charge of the census, urged everyone to look out for reminder letters and fill out their census now.

“We’ve had an amazing response to the census so far,” Iain said. “I’d like to thank everyone who has helped us exceed all expectations.

“But we want to make sure everyone counts and we won’t rest until every household has responded. Field officers are out and about knocking on doors where records show we have had no response. If you don’t want to get a visit, please complete your census now.

“Your response is vital. The information you give means all the services we rely on, like school places and emergency services, are planned on accurate information. It is even used to plan where to build new supermarkets, what food to put on the shelves and how many parent and toddler spaces to put in the car park.”

The census questionnaire is simple, straightforward, and safe to complete online. It only takes 10 minutes per person in a home.

All households were sent a letter in the post in early March with instructions for taking part. If you have lost the letter or have a second address – including a caravan – you have not visited, go to to request an online completion code for your address via SMS text message.

If you know someone who doesn’t have the skills or confidence to do the census online, help is at hand. We have local census support centres across England and Wales, offering phone and face to face support. Go to to find a centre near you.  You can also call our freephone contact centre. Call 0800 141 2021 in England for help or to order a paper questionnaire.