Following the Defibrillator Training yesterday, supported by NHS South West Ambulance Service and Fire Service, it was made clear that, in order to find houses in rural communities easily, it would be beneficial for every house owner to access the What3Words website and/or app on their phones in order to find the 3 words which identify the front door of their home.

In the past, the Emergency Services have had trouble locating rural homes and this app (which divides the globe into 3m squares, each identified by a unique three word code) means services can attend more promptly and potentially save lives.

Find the code for your location by accessing the website or by downloading the app on either iphone or android and following the prompts.

  • access the website or app
  • find your code
  • display it clearly by your landline or store it on your mobile phone

If any member of the community does not have access to a smartphone or pc, they should ask a friend or neighbour to find this information for them, and then display it by their phone for future use if needed.