Village Wedding – Saturday 12th August

Dear Neighbours
We are delighted that our daughter Kitty will be married in Kingscote Church on Saturday 12th August 2017 and afterwards the marriage celebrations are to be in the gardens of Kingscote House.

Out of courtesy to the residents of the village, there will be no fireworks and the live band will stop playing by 2315h.

Parking for the wedding guests has been arranged at The Hunters Hall, the Village Hall and Tim Sage’s field so there should be no road blockages over the weekend.

The wedding party will walk from the church onto the bottom lawn of Kingscote House via the small gate. There are often a couple of cars parked here and sometimes on the pavement too which blocks our entrance to the gate. For the weekend of the 12th/13th we should be grateful if you keep this gateway clear. Thank you for your cooperation

Godfrey and Vivienne Ainsworth