Jenner Museum may have to close

Kingscote has very close links with Edward Jenner, who married Catherine Kingscote in the church. Back in 1996 we organised a fund raising walk from Kingscote to Berkeley with the proceeds shared between the Museum and Kingscote Church.
It is therefore with sadness that we pass on the message below:

It’s hard to believe that the Jenner Museum may have to close.  The pioneer of smallpox vaccine, the world’s first vaccine. He saved countless lives and yet his local history may be lost unlike that of our other local hero – Brunel.

We had no idea that the Museum was in jeopardy until U3A Cam/Dursley received the following message with the request that we distribute it, which we are happy to do. It’s from Nancy Brogen:-

“Jim and I volunteer at the Edward Jenner Museum in Berkeley, it has just been announced that without extra funds this important local museum will not open next year and the house may have to be sold as there is no longer the money to maintain it.

We are having a photo call in the museum car park at 10.45 on Saturday 20th October to show support for the museum and publicise our fundraising campaign.

We would like as many people as possible to be there so it will be followed by FREE ENTRY to the museum and garden (for that day only).

Hopefully this will be attended by the local media.
Further details at –

The volunteers have done much in recent years to improve the ‘visitor experience’, both in the house and the garden which remain very much as it was in Jenner’s day.
Nancy and Jim Brogden ”
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