Invitation – Valley Trading at Babdown Ind Estate – Objection Meeting – Friday 17th May

Dear all,

As you may be aware Valley Trading have applied to increase their current recycling limit at Babdown Airfield from 45,000 tons to 75,000 tons. This is a vast capacity, on the scale of a big city and the location of the site is quite unsuitable. The resulting increase in HGV traffic would have an unacceptable impact on the surrounding roads and villages including Beverston, Tetbury, Kingscote and Nailsworth, and it needs to be resisted.  The application was very low on detail and Valley Trading have been asked to provide supporting information which will include likely vehicle movements.

We are really grateful to the work of the Parish councillors, and our MP, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown who have led the objections on this, and I note there are over 70 independent objections on the Gloucestershire planning website with more being added each day.  A Facebook page for those wishing to reject the application has been set up and can be found at

Despite this, it appears that the application has not been well publicised, and we have complained that formal notifications seem to have been overlooked in many areas. Therefore, we felt it may be useful to hold a group meeting with the objective of formalising and growing support for the objections to the site.

I am hoping therefore you can join us for a brief meeting in The Barn at Calcot at 18:00 on Friday 17th May. It would be good to air the views of each impacted parish, and our own planning consultants CSJ Planning will be on hand to answer any technical issues on the application. Hopefully we can conclude with a plan of action to grow support for the objections, perhaps the various bodies, Beverston, Kingscote, Tetbury (TTC) etc could join together in a planned campaign with the backing of the elected representatives.

I would be extremely grateful if you could spread this invitation far and wide and to any of those who may have been missed from circulation.

Name                                       Representing                                                                Name                                       Representing
Caroline Lowsley-Williams             Chair – Beverston Parish Council
David Morris                                       Vice Chair – Beverston Parish Council
Oliver Preston                                    Beverston Parish Council
Fiona Gunn                                         Secretary Beverston Parish Council
Dermott McMeekin                         Beverston Parish Council
Cllr Jorn Osterbro                             Beverston Parish Council
Caroline Beardwell                           Beverston resident
John Baldwin                                      Babdown
David Hurdle                                      Babdown
Greville Vernon                                 Bowldown Farm
Geoffrey Cliffton-Brown                Local MP
Melanie Graham-Hunter                Local Resident
Debbie Patrick                                   Local Resident
Fiona Thornton                                 Clerk at Kingscote Parish Council
Graham Nicholls                                Kingscote Parish Council
John Bowers                                       Kingscote
Sebastian Cooper                             Chair of Kingscote Parish Council
Richard Gale                                       Kingscote
Ben Bennett                                       Kingscote
Rick Morgan                                       Cotswold District Councillor
Richard Norris                                    Tetbury and Tetbury Upton Ward of the CDC.
Stephen Hirst                                     Gloucestershire County Councillor
Sandra Ball                                          Mayor of Tetbury
Richard Witchell                                Chairman of Tetbury Town Council
Jenny Hunt                                          Tetbury Parish Clerk
Johnathan Duckworth                    Nailsworth Town Mayor
Anne Elliott                                         Nailsworth Town Councillor
Ron Kerby                                            Nailsworth Town Councillor
Paul Francis                                        Nailsworth Town Councillor
Sue Reed                                              Nailsworth Town Councillor
Stephen Robinson                            Nailsworth Town Councillor
Robert Maitland                               Nailsworth Town Councillor
Michael Kelly                                      Nailsworth Town Councillor
Angela Norman                                 Nailsworth Town Councillor
Emma Bonner                                    Nailsworth Town Councillor
Sally Millett                                         Nailsworth Town Councillor

I do hope you can join us. It would be really helpful if you (and anyone else subsequently invited) could respond to if you are hoping attend, so that we have an idea on numbers attending.

Many thanks


Exec. Chairman Calcot Hotels

T: 01666 891213