Fireworks – ‘low noise’ v ‘regular’

There have been a number of discussions ongoing between villagers, event venues and local firework suppliers. It was felt it would be helpful for villagers to read the letter below to understand the difference between the different types of fireworks:

Dear Annabella

Happy New Year!

Low noise fireworks are considerably quieter than “ regular” fireworks.

There are many types of both quiet and regular fireworks, where regular fireworks burst at various heights from anywhere between 100 and 500 feet throwing out stars and effects (the noise is the sound of the burst) quiet fireworks try to replicate the effect by sending out the stars effects in single tubes all bundled together in a “ cake”. When the cake is ignited the single stars and effects are shot out of their prospective tubes in fast succession, with only a small burst required for each tube . Some of the quiet products are very good, however, the downfall is they are more expensive, create a huge mess (each tube will also fire out a cardboard disk and tube) and the viewing angle is a lot lower, as most only reach about 60 feet.

We use many quiet and regular fireworks  in our shows to try and achieve a happy medium.

Where quiet fireworks really come into play is with pyromusicals; we use huge amounts of single shot devices in strategic points in the musical score, where noise would spoil the effect. Again, pyromusicals are far more expensive than a regular show.

In conclusion, low noise fireworks are becoming a lot more popular, but be prepared to pay more for a quiet display compared with a regular display.

Personally, I feel both have a part to play in a fireworks display.

Kind regards

Martin and Nikki Coates
07956 304982